Freedom and safety for your cat. Peace of mind for you.

About Catfence

About Hidden Pet Fences

Originally invisible pet fences were designed for dogs. The technology available did not lend itself well to use with cats as the computer collar receivers were too large and heavy. In the last 10 years technology has advanced and CatFence are proud to be able to offer the smallest and lightest computer receiver collars worldwide.

At CatFence we have pioneered a unique, simple and safe training protocol for cats. Our collars have been developed with more flexible and gentle training levels. With recognition from vets and a leading cat charity the number of cats using our systems is growing rapidly year after year.

An invisible cat fence will give your cat freedom whilst keeping him or her happy and safe in their own garden.  You can also use a hidden cat fence to designate areas that are “off-limits” such as flowerbeds, a gated driveway, children’s play areas, swimming pools, or a barbecue area.

As well as providing safety and security for your pets, a pet fence that is hidden underground has benefits for you.  You will have no more worries about your pet running off or escaping onto the road.

With a cat fence system, you get all the benefits of letting your pets roam free without the associated stress. Your garden also benefits – unlike costly and ugly cat fence enclosures our fences are invisible.

About Catfence

Catfence is part of Dogfence Limited, the UK’s distributor of Dogwatch Hidden Fences.  Based in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, we supply and install concealed pet fences throughout the UK.

Why Our Products Are Superior

We are unique in the UK in using FM frequencies.   Other invisible pet fences use AM frequencies, which are slow to respond and prone to interference.

Safelink, Dogwatch’s patented FM digital technology, provides maximum protection against false activation of the receiver collar caused by stray radio signals.

Safelink is 15 times faster than any AM pet fence which means no pet can outrun the FM signal.

Our receiver collars are smaller, lighter, and kinder to your pet.   The R7m collar is the smallest on the market, and weighs just 30g.