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Keep your cats secure with Safelink ®

What makes our CatFence systems different - the answer is our unique digital technology - Safelink. Safelink is our patented FM digital technology that provides the 100% protection against accidentally being shocked from any stray radio signals. All radio pet fences look for a signal 24/7 – they check and reject signals from day to day household appliances.

We’ve all experienced the noise our mobile phone makes when we place it near the computer.  AM systems are easily confused by noise based interference and this can cause the receiver to activate when the cat is in the house and nowhere near the zone. DogWatch uses an FM signal – FM signals ignore noise based interference. We also use a very low unique frequency to ensure that our receivers will only ever activate if the pet enters the zone. This is FM Safelink. For a more in depth description read our “Why We Use FM Page“.

Lifetime Warranty

CatFence offer an unbeatable, no quibble, Lifetime warranty on our professionally installed System 1200+ and Performance Series transmitters and receiver collars and an industry beating 4 year warranty on the System 1200+ and Performance Series if ordered for self-installation. Our comprehensive warranty includes accidental damage and lightning strikes; it even extends to damage due to pets chewing on devices and, naturally, all our receivers are 100% waterproof and extremely tough, able to withstand the rough and tumble of the liveliest cats! We use a high quality durable cable to carry our FM signal which is designed for direct burial or use above ground.

FastReact ™

With the FastReact transmitted code the receiver will respond in less than 0.125 seconds, 15 times quicker than any other hidden fence system. A cat running at 20mph covers 14ft in 0.5 seconds. At 10 mph, on our nearest competitor’s system a cat could get 7 feet into the correction zone before the receiver would activate but with our system the cat would only get 1.175 feet before collar activation – our systems are quicker than your cat! All our receiver collars use FastReact software ®. This also enables CatFence customers to set a smaller signal zone which enlarges the usable area of the garden for their pets.

Long Battery Life

No hidden costs when you purchase a CatFence Hidden Fence. Our mini receiver boasts a 6 month battery life - one of the longest in the industry and still weighs only 30g. This is the longest battery life for a receiver of this dimension and weight. We also offer an automatic battery renewal programme. Simply call us to purchase a new battery or pick up a battery in our online shop.

Auto Shutdown

In the event that your cat accidentally gets trapped in the correction area the cat’s receiver collar will shut down after 15 seconds to allow the cat to exit the zone. The receiver collar will revert back to the normal status instantly once the cat is within the safe zone. All other pet’s collars will continue to function as normal – the auto shutdown will only be applicable to the collar which is “stuck” in the avoidance zone.

AutoMemory ® (Performance Series System)

Each cat has their own correction level set according to their breed, age or personality. In addition to this the Performance Series collars constantly monitor your cat’s level and if necessary adjust the training level. The receiver correction level will increase by ONE LEVEL if your cat enters the avoidance zone twice in any 24 hour period. The receiver lifts the level for a maximum of 24 hours and then, providing the pet stays out of the signal field automatically adjusts the receiver back down to the original level set.

The AutoMemory ® also communicates with the status light and the light indicator on the receiver collar will let you know if your pet has challenged the boundary. TattleTale ® is a great feature for cats new to the system and also for customers whose cat may try to challenge the boundary.  The status light will also let you know that your battery is running low and will remind you to change the battery.

Status Light (All receivers)

All our system collars also contain a status light that lets you know the status of the battery. The status light will warn you when the battery is running low by flashing red instead of the normal green.

Anti-Linger (All receivers)

Once trained your cat will react to the warning beep. Most cats will know to the centimetre where the collar activates and will avoid entering the beep area. However, as added protection if your cat enters into the warning beep zone and lingers in this area for more than 8 seconds the collar will emit a correction at the level set.

Battery Back-Up (Performance Series only)

For extra security to keep your fence on when the power is out, our optional PowerPak* keeps your pet fence system working temporarily should you lose electric power. After training, most cats will stay within the hidden boundary even when the system is not on, but with a PowerPak you have added protection to ensure your pet's safety when the power goes out. Provides up to 12 hours of back-up protection.

Audible Break Alarm

All our systems contain technology to notify you of any damage to the cable. An audible alarm will sound on the transmitter unit immediately when the cable is broken – this gives you an advantage of being able to repair the break as soon as possible to prevent any more damage.

Lightning Protection

CatFence equip your DogWatch Hidden Fence with both internal and external surge protection to protect your home from damage. Your boundary cable can act as a magnet and lightning strikes to flat ground can pick up your boundary cable and enter your home. DogWatch’s unique lightning protection safeguards your system. No other hidden fence system contains this prevention and provides a warranty for your system against lightning strikes. We’re so confident that our lightning and surge protection is unsurpassed, that we provide a lifetime warranty with your transmitter. (Applies to System 1200+ and Performance Series Systems only).

TattleTale ® (Performance Series System)

The TattleTale ® feature works with the status light on the collar to let you know if the cat has ‘challenged’ the fence at all by activating the collar in the avoidance zone. This feature is extremely useful with cats as they move in a different way to their canine friends and have the ability to climb, this way if something changes around the boundary the collar will alert you so that the boundary can be checked.

Response Hang on Time

What is response hang on time? This is the time it takes the receiver to shut down after the pet has left the correction zone, i.e your pet has responded and left the zone and the correction should stop. With DogWatch our response hang on time on all our receiver collars is less than 0.1 seconds and from our competition 4 – 5 seconds! We leave our customers to decide why DogWatch has consistently been voted a Consumers best buy and is the preferred choice of many vets and animal behaviourists worldwide.

Cable Details

Pro Grade Cable Details: Thicker jacket, heavier copper content – Designed exclusively for DogWatch – (HMWPE) – direct burial wire rate 75 ºC, 300V for wet or dry locations. HMWPE insulation is formulated to provide excellent oxidative stability, toughness and abrasion resistance. High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. 16 stranded conductor with 0.45” insulation. NB. Cable does not carry a lifetime warranty.

ComfortFit Contact ® Posts

Optional ComfortFit Contact Posts are easy on your cat’s skin. They are smooth like our standard stainless steel contact posts to minimise friction and low profile for a comfortable Pet-Friendly™ fit. These unique contact posts are purrfect for cats and dogs with short coats.
comfort fit bands for dogs or cats
If you have any questions regarding the cat fence features, or how they can keep your cats secure, please get in touch with CatFence today on:
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