How The CatFence System Works


How CatFence Works To Keep Cats Fenced In
CatFence offer a hidden fence comprising a central control box which is connected to a specialised boundary wire that usually runs around the perimeter of the property. The control box sends a coded FM radio signal which is transmitted through the boundary wire that has been laid around the property. When the cables leave the control box they are run as a twisted pair which cancels the signal – once the cables reach the boundary the cables are split which starts the radio signal. The size of the signal emitted by the control box can be enlarged or reduced according to the customers’ requirements.
The system is installed with the cable running around the perimeter of the area that you wish to keep the cat safe within, this maybe above or below ground or a combination of both. The cable has to form a continuous circuit and different boundary layouts can be achieved by doubling the cable back on itself or even going up and over the house.  The transmitter sends a coded radio signal  the cable (there is no electricity in the cable). 

The cat wears a specialist collar containing a small electronic chip. The computer collar houses a tiny FM receiver, and as the cat moves towards the signal the collar emits an audible signal to indicate to the pet to stop and turn back. If the cat continues towards the wire the collar gives a small “corrective shock” set to the cat’s individual requirements. Recent research has displaced all the myths regarding the use of electronic pet fences for cats and dogs and indeed has proved that the CatFence system saves lives and is both safe and humane. Cat enclosures like this will keep cats fenced in. 

After completing the training your cat will quickly learn to understand warning beeps, and will immediately turn back into the allowed zone. To aid your cat the new boundary is marked with temporary training flags, these will give the cat a visual clue of where the hidden fence runs and prevent a collar activation (the flags can be removed after two weeks). The cat therefore has something to hear, something to see and ultimately something to feel.

Detailed CatFence Description

A small transmitter box is installed somewhere on your property. This needs to be somewhere dry, and plugged into a standard electrical socket (the fence does not pass any electricity through the boundary wire but the transmitter requires a small amount of power to run the system – average running cost 5 – 8p per day). We usually recommend that the box is installed in a garage, utility room, tack room etc.

A heavy duty 16 AWG boundary wire is laid around the perimeter of your property and runs back to the transmitter box. If we are installing for the customer this is generally buried using our burial equipment. The wire carries a safe encoded radio signal which uses our patented FM technology. The signal can easily be adjusted to make the invisible zone larger or smaller (from as little as 2ft to 16ft). The radio signal is usually zeroed from the point at which the wires leave the transmitter box to the boundary and the signal is only “live” around the perimeter or the designated area.

The pet wears a small receiver collar which is coded to only react to our FM signal. When the cat enters the avoidance zone the collar picks up the radio signal and gives the cat a high pitched “beep” to alert the cat. If the cat continues further the collar emits a low static shock (correction). All our collars have flexible training levels and can be set to audible only and each cat will have their own correction level tailored to their personality. CatFence systems are the ONLY system worldwide to give a 100% no false activation guarantee due to the patented FM signal. The FM signal does not use OOK (on off keying) and gives total protection around the boundary.

The CatFence Training protocol is a simple training process, using audible and visual aids, your cat learns to identify, the audible beep warning, meaning of the training flags and how to retreat from the correction in safe training set up indoors, this way once he or she is trained you can transfer their knowledge to the outside area and they can build up their understanding in a steady and secure way. To aid your cat the new boundary is marked with temporary training flags, these will give the cat a visual of where the hidden fence runs and prevent a collar activation (the flags can be removed after two weeks). All cats learn easily and quickly to respond the audible warning signal rather than the correction. There is no maintenance required for the system simply a battery change in the receiver collar every 6 months.
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