Lightning Protection

Lightning Surge Protection System

CatFence wants you to feel confident that your system is protected should your home experience an electrical surge due to lightning. That’s why we’ve gone to extremes to equip your hidden cat fence with both internal and external surge protection. Every year UK properties receive lightning strikes – it has to go somewhere. If lightning strikes the ground near the boundary cable, the cable could act as a conductor, and pass the charge into your home. Our  unique lightning protection safeguards your system. No other hidden cat fence systems contain this prevention and insure your system against lightning strikes.

Electrical Surge Protection System

With CatFence you have ultimate protection from electrical surges that travel (1) into your house through other sources or (2) through the underground boundary wire in your garden. This unique two way protection was developed and thoroughly tested by experts in the field of lightning expressly for CatFence products. We’re so confident that our lightning and surge protection is unsurpassed, that we provide a lifetime warranty with your transmitter. (Applies to System 1200 and Performance Series Systems only).

CatFence cannot change Mother Nature or eliminate surges from hitting close to home, but we can help minimise the potential damage caused by surges to your DogWatch Hidden Fence System.

System meets USA (FCC), Europe (CE), Japan (VCCI) and Australian standards for EMC emissions and immunity. Power supply and surge protector are UL & CE approved. Systems use a two-step lightning protection design recommended by telecommunications industry and lightning protection companies.
underground cat fence - surge protected
CatFence’s invisible pet fence is an excellent and affordable solution for containing your dog. CatFence have pioneered full service electronic pet containment solutions in the UK. Traditional dog fencing and cat fencing are not always the solution. DDogs and cats can dig, jump or escape by pushing through the boundary! Containing cats can be even more difficult, as cats can easily jump or climb over fencing.
If you have any further questions on how our surge protection system works, please do not hesitate to get in touch with CatFence today by calling us on:
01628 476 475
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