Expert Views on Cat Fences

Cat Fences – what do the experts say?

Vets and pet professionals around the UK recommend our cat fences.  Furthermore, they also use our products for their own cats and dogs. You can’t get a better recommendation than that!

Whether it’s our outdoor hidden cat fencing or an indoor wireless cat fence, experts agree that hidden cat fences are the most effective pet containment technology on the market today. Read on to see why our pet fence is vet-approved and recommended.


Eric McCarrison (Vet of the Year 2007)

As well as recommending our products, Eric uses our hidden dog and cat fence for his two dogs and cat. He is quick to point out that the system not only saves the lives of cats and dogs but also human lives:

“My dog weighs 45kg if he runs out into the road and a motorcycle hits him this could cause a human fatality”.


Professor Daniel Mills, Professor of Veterinary Behavioural Medicine at the University of Lincoln.

“in the UK alone, hundreds of thousands of cats are killed and injured on roads each year and these devices can prevent these often fatal injuries and the emotional cost to the cats and their owners. In contrast, housing cats solely indoors to remove such risks is associated with increased prevalence of a range of health problems including obesity, Feline Urologic Syndrome and dental disease. Long-term exposure to common flame retardants widely used in homes may also have toxic side effects for cats.”

Professor Daniel Mills tested the invisible cat fences

The Lincoln Study on cat fences– Published October 2016:


The University of Lincoln’s study found no evidence of long-term welfare problems with electronic containment of cats using our cat fence system.

Dr Jonathan Cooper, Principal Lecturer in the University of Lincoln’s School of Life Sciences, added:

“However this new study suggests that with invisible electronic fences, at least, cats can be effectively contained without compromising their quality of life.

Indeed the study also commented that cats contained using the hidden fence system had a closer relationship with their family:

“Overall, the behavioural tests indicate that the cats who have experienced extended confinement using an invisible electronic containment system are generally less neophobic than cats not contained in this way” .



Dr. Andrew Sloyer – Vet


“My clients and I both know how wonderful a  pet fence system has been for ourselves and our pets. But what has been truly satisfying is the professionalism of the representatives. They have been prompt in answering any of our questions or concerns regarding the pet fence system and have presented a very caring attitude. The customer service and peace of mind have far exceeded my expectations.”


Feline Friends – Charity commented on our cat fences


“Feline Friends recommends that cat owners who live in the proximity of a public road, and whose cats are allowed outside, consider the installation of an electronic containment fence if their furry companions cannot otherwise be prevented from wandering onto a road by conventional fences or enclosures. Too many of us delay until after we have suffered the bereavement of a dearly loved friend before we take action.”