Performance System – The Invisible Cat Enclosure

The world’s most advanced cat enclosure!


An invisible cat enclosure? Not all cat enclosures are ugly. Our Performance Series cat fence gives a whole new dimension to keeping cats safe. No more ugly mesh, freedom to give cats the whole garden. No restrictions for natural behavior!

Our Performance Fence is in a league of its own. The largest capacity cat fence in the world. Our fence can offer your cat up to 350 acres of freedom. What other cat enclosure can offer this and keep your cat safe?

Dogwatch Performance Series Hidden Cat Fence

What makes the Performance Fence different?


As with our other cat fence, there is no physical structure. Using the latest digital technology our fence can surround your cat with freedom. Our “how it works” section gives more information on how this technology works.

Unlike other electronic pet fences, our cat fence can give the owner information on how their cat fence is working. Once trained the cat should rarely go into the avoidance zone. However, it is useful to know if something has changed. Using the unique “TattleTale”  software the owner can see if the cat has activated the collar. Not only this; the collar will detect additional activations. The collar can also re-set the training level to keep the cat safe.

Should you have a power cut the battery power pack will keep the fence running for up to 12 hours. Added security and peace of mind for owners. Our intelligent collars also self-test and indicate if the battery is low.

Performance Fence Features

  • Covers up to 350 acres
  • Battery back up  keeps the fence running for up to 12 hours
  • The most advanced computer collars available worldwide
  • Collars – Small, lightweight (30g)
  • TattleTale intelligent software identifies when the collar has been activated
  • AutoMemory  automatically adjusts the training level if the collar is activated  twice in 24 hours
  • Low battery warning
  • Self-test feature
Cat Fence offers a unique on-site Installation and Training program for you and your cat.  The combination of our advanced systems and experienced installers enables us to give you peace of mind and freedom for your cats.  All our installations are backed up with a lifetime warranty*.


 Computer Cat Collar – the world’s smallest

R7m computer receiver collar

  • Battery life: 6 months
  • Weight: 23g (30g inc battery)
  • Correction levels: 1 – 7 + beep only
  • FM safelink ® : guaranteed no false activation
  • FastReact software ®: the cat cannot outrun the signal
  • AutoMemory ®: will change the training automatically
  • Waterproof to 10ft: not that many cats swim!
  • Lifetime warranty: installed systems only.
  • Auto shutdown: shuts down after 15 seconds to prevent over-activation.
  • Anti Linger: if your cat lingers in the warning zone.
  • Status light: shows if the cat has received a correction and lets you know when the battery is low.
  • 3 Omni-directional antennae: to give excellent all-round pickup.
  • Fastest start-up and shutdown time available

A Cat Enclosure with a Lifetime Warranty!

CatFence offers an industry-beating warranty. No cat enclosure worldwide comes with a  Lifetime warranty.  On all our, professionally installed systems cat fence offer a Lifetime Hardware Warranty. On our self-installed systems, we offer a 4-year. Our warranty includes accidental damage and even lightning strikes. *Lifetime warranty excludes damage to the cable.
How much does the CatFence Performance System cost?
Prices start from £438.  Contact us for a no-obligation quote.

What is included in the CatFence Performance Series kit to keep a cat fenced in?


  • Transmitter
  • Receiver  computer collarthe invisible cat enclosure
  • Lightning & Surge Protection
  • Battery Backup Pack
  • Tester/adjuster
  • Installation DVD
  • Owners Handbook
We use ProGrade Cable, designed exclusively for the Pet Fence Industry. When buried the 16 stranded conductor with 0.45” insulation is rated at 75 ºC, 300V for wet or dry locations. The High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE) insulation is formulated to provide excellent oxidation stability, toughness, and abrasion resistance.