System 1200+ is our best selling Cat Containment System, ideal for properties up to 5 acres.

Performance Fence

Our premium system, suitable for properties up to 350 acres, with enhanced features


We provide a full installation and training service.

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Simple tips for our cat fence users on Bonfire Night

Keeping cats calm on bonfire night Although your cat or dog may contained within the garden by the cat fence or dog fence the noise and lights from outside the safety of the garden maybe very scary to them. Many cats and dogs are very sensitive to loud noises and when you consider that cats… Read More

CatFence – the ideal cat lover’s solution

Types of cat fencing for UK gardens. Cat owners have a limited range of ways to keep their pets safe. Never letting the cat outdoors isn’t many people’s first choice, so what other options are there for the safe containment of a family cat? Cat fence toppers and cat fence rollers Cat containment Read More

Benefits of a cat fence system for Pedigree Cats

 How electronic cat fences can keep your cat safe at home. Sadly, there are some pedigree breeds, such as Bengals, Russian Blues, Maincoons and British Short-haired cats that are personable and very desirable. Unfortunately, this makes them attractive for thieves and of course these pedigree cats a Read More

Keeping your cat safe at home without installing an ugly cat fence.

Does a cat fence have to be ugly? With roads getting busier and busier each year cat owners are increasingly aware of the benefits of using a cat fence to keep their treasured pet secure. The question is how to install a secure cat fence that does not look like some monstrous construction or a&helli Read More