DIY Cat Fence – Self Installation

DIY Cat Fence

Thinking of installing a DIY Cat Fence? If you are happy to get your hands dirty and feel confident in training your cat, our Cat Fences can be purchased for self-installation.

We have produced an excellent installation DVD to guide you through the process. It covers the installation of a DIY cat fence around your garden. We are only ever a phone call away if you require any additional support or advice. Naturally, when installing a cat fence yourself you need to think like a cat. Our CatFence engineers have many years experience in the field and we are happy to share their knowledge with you.



cat wearing a DIY cat fence collar

Point to consider for installing a DIY Cat Fence
  • Are there any trees around the boundary that need to be excluded?
  • Can the cat get both under or over the fence or hedge?
  • Do you want to keep the cat in the rear garden only?
  • Will you need to cut your driveway?
  • If it’s a large area are you able to bury the cable?


If you are concerned about any of the above points you can email with videos or pictures. Installing DIY cat fences can be time-consuming as they often involve installing a double loop. However, once installed and the cat is trained you can relax knowing that your cat is safe but enjoying the outdoor space. Please call us to discuss your layouts or complete the contact form.


It is expected that in the near future the law on installing DIY cat fences will change. DEFRA want to ensure that all pets have the correct and adequate training. In other words, the only way that owners will be able to purchase our cat fences is through¬† Professional Installation. Naturally, we agree that all pets should have the correct training but recognize that many owners are practical and are able to self-install the fence. We are hoping that we will be able to offer a “Training Package” with our DIY Cat Fences to comply with any changes.