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Cat Containment Product Range

CatFence has the most advanced range of cat containment products available today for both cats and dogs, all featuring our unique FM signal technology.
Please browse our product range below, and if you’re not sure which is the right system for you, feel free to get in touch and we’ll advise you on the best solution for your needs. We don’t need to site visit to give you an estimate. Using the latest land survey technology we can measure your property and advise on the best cat containment system for you.


For larger gardens and properties up to 5 acres
 Pro Fence+ hidden catfence
The ProFence System is ideal for gardens and paddocks up to an acreage of 5 acres (700m of boundary wire). The System is suitable for all breeds of cats and dogs and features our industry-beating FM Safelink ® and FastReact ® technology. Supplied with a tiny but innovative R7m computer receiver. The R7m is the most advanced cat containment fence collar available worldwide.


Performance Series

Unrivaled performance and technology for properties up to 350 acres.

Performance Series Hidden Cat Fence

The Performance Series is our flagship system – the most advanced electronic cat containment system in the world! Suitable for properties up to 25 acres or 350 acres in the EX version. Naturally, this system uses the industry-beating FM Safelink ® and FastReact ® technology but also includes TattleTale ®, Automemory ®, Battery Backup ® and is supplied with the intelligent R7m computer receiver and a battery backup to keep the fence running in the event of a power cut.


Indoor Cat Containment fence

 Keeping everyone and everything safe indoors.
IB 200 Indoor Cat Containment Fence
Whilst cats are great, we don’t necessarily want them in every room in the house.  We have two indoor pet fences available which can be used to keep your cats out or areas. It may be off the sofa, away from worktops of out of the best room!