Cat Fence Battery Programme

Cat Fence Battery Programme

With the Cat Fence Battery Programme, you do not need to worry about ordering replacement batteries. Our battery programme is simply and effective. Simply place your order with us and you will receive 3 batteries per cat over an 18-month period. Of course, at the end of the programme will invite you to re-join again for another 18-months to keep your cat safe again.

The battery will drop through your letter-box just before the change over period. Not only does this save you the hassle about worrying when the battery is due but it also saves you money. Batteries purchased via the battery programme and 25% cheaper than those bought individually!

Offer applied to 3V battery only (see picture).

cat fence battery

To find out more, simply contact us.

Safety and peace of mind

It goes without saying that we all know that when the battery runs out so can your cat. Above all, keeping your cat safe at home is important not just to you but also to us! Over the years the feedback we get from our cat fence battery programme is quite amazing. One customer told us “they could live without their washing machine but not the cat fence”. By making sure your cat fence battery lands on your doorstep at the correct time you can cross us off your “to-do list”.

The battery is designed to work with our mini collars. Whilst we appreciate that you may be able to purchase a similar battery elsewhere this often false economy. The cat fence battery will offer 6 months of continuous life in the computer collar. More importantly, the metal case will not desensitize the delicate antenna and compromise the operation of the collar.