Benefits of a cat fence system for Pedigree Cats

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Benefits of a cat fence system for Pedigree Cats

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 How electronic cat fences can keep your cat safe at home.

Sadly, there are some pedigree breeds, such as Bengals, Russian Blues, Maincoons and British Short-haired cats that are personable and very desirable. Unfortunately, this makes them attractive for thieves and of course these pedigree cats are expensive and make them a target for unsavoury characters. Electronic Cat fences are a great way of keeping valuable cats safe at home and out the reach of unscrupulous people. Naturally when purchasing a high value cat one of the major concerns is cat containment, new technology and advancing training protocols have made this more affordable and attainable.

Most cat thieves tend to be opportunists, they are different from dog thieves, who are usually specialists making a living stealing specific dogs which are then supplied to small breeders. Although recently cats have even been stolen to order as well. Sadly, in 2000 a pedigree Turkish Angora stud cat was stolen. This is where cat fences really come into their own as by keeping the cat safe within the boundary it means that they are not visible to unscrupulous characters.

Also some breeders will enforce indoor cat containment indoors as part of the sale. Many breeders are unfamiliar with the electronic cat fences but these are becoming increasing popular as a safe means of cat containment. Owners increasing feel that it is cruel to keep a cat confined indoors and there are health issues for indoor cats, obesity and Feline Urologic Syndrome and dental disease.

Cats that are confined to the garden have less chance of catching fleas or worms from mice and rats. Also the risk of the cat being injured by another cat or a dog is eliminated for those using cat fences and of course unwanted pregnancies are also a concern for those with no secure method of cat containment.

One of the main advantages of keeping cats at home with one of the electronic cat fences is that the cats are able to exhibit normal behaviour, climb, sun bathe, hunt within the garden etc and because of this they tend to be more stimulated that indoor cats. By being able to exercise outdoors the cats can maintain a healthy weight within the safe confines of the garden. The litter tray is also a major bone of contention for owners. Cat containment indoors means having a smelly litter tray but for those cats using the cat containment fence they learn to go outside and the tray can be removed.

With the ever increasing cost of purchasing a Pedigree feline and the advantages the new generation of cat fences offer both owner and cat it is little wonder that the use of these type of cat containment systems is becoming ever increasingly popular.