The invisible fence that saved my cats life!

black cat contained with invisible cat fence

The invisible fence that saved my cats life!

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Cat Fence Saved my Cats Life!

I wanted to take a moment to tell you all about how Cat Fence saved our cat’s, Figaro’s life.

Without Cat Fence I really fear that Figaro would not be with us anymore and I would not be able to tell you all his tail.

Coming Home!

Figaro came to us when he was 6 years old. We rescued him from a local cat shelter. The whole family fell in love the second we met him. He was so handsome; his glossy black fur and bright shiny eyes. I couldn’t believe my whiskers when the lady at the cat shelter told us Figaro had been tricky to re-home due to the colour of his fur. Would you believe that black cats aren’t as popular because they don’t look as good in ‘selfies’?

black cat with cat fence
The un-photogenic Figaro!

Figaro settled into his new home nicely. We kept him inside for a week or so but he  was so inquisitive about the outside world. I couldn’t keep him indoors any longer. Figaro had missed his freedom being in the cat shelter and I couldn’t wait to let him explore the garden.

Over the next few days Figaro began to explore further afield. At first it was the neighbour’s garden, then a visit to the tabby cat down the road. His adventures grew longer and longer but he always bought himself home in time for dinner.

The great escape!

Except one night he didn’t come home for his dinner. It was getting late and he still wasn’t home. I went into the garden and called him…nothing. I tried to tempt him with his favourite – Tuna! But still nothing. I decided to leave his cat flap open and went to bed, he would be home in the morning, I was sure.

Morning came and he wasn’t home. I searched everywhere for him. As the days went on I started to fear the worst. We lived not far from quite a few busy roads and knew numerous families that had lost their fur babies in road traffic accidents. Trying to remain positive I decided to visit as many neighbouring houses as I could to ask if they had seen him.

There had been no sightings. One of my neighbours (who had previously lost several cats to the road) told me about this amazing device called a Cat Fence. A small lightweight collar that the cat wears and a wire installed around the garden. The cat is trained to know how the collar works and receives a warning beep followed by a small impulse to stop them from straying outside of the garden. She told me it’s the only way she’s been able to have a cat again after the devastating losses of her other cats. It enables her cat to explore its natural environment but keeps them safe at the same time and gives you piece of mind –How amazing!

I walked home furious with myself that I hadn’t discovered Cat Fence before. If I had just known about it, Figaro would still be at home safe in his garden. I brushed a tear away as I reached my front door. How could I have let this happen? I was probably never going to see my beloved Figaro again.

Turning the key in front door and letting myself in I could still hear his little meow, I could still feel the fur of his tail brushing against my leg. Wait a second…I wasn’t imagining it. There at my feet was Figaro meowing and curling himself around my feet. He was home! We had had a lucky escape.

Finding  Cat Fence

No time to waste a quick google search gave me the Cat Fence number and called them straight away. Within half an hour I had booked for our new Cat Fence to be installed.

The installer was excellent and explained all about the Cat Fence to me. He did some indoor training with myself and Figaro which allows Figaro to learn about the “no go zone” before using it in the garden. After 20 minutes Figaro knew what the beep meant and he was no longer entering the “no go Zone”.

The gentleman explained that cats are very intelligent and pick things up quickly and that I would need to use Flags in my garden for the first few weeks to mark out the “no go zone” but could take them out once he fully understood.

Safe at Last!

It’s been a month now since our Cat Fence has been installed and I am able to relax Knowing that Figaro will always be home for dinner. As I type this I can see him out of the window, happily hunting the mice in the sun and enjoying his freedom whilst being safely contained in his haven.

black cat contained with invisible cat fence
Helping with some DIY

Thank You Cat Fence!

If you are interested in a hidden cat fence click the link or give the Cat Fence Team a call. We can provide a bespoke estimate without even visiting your house using our online survey tool. 01628 476475.