CatFence – the ideal cat lover’s solution

CatFence – the ideal cat lover’s solution

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Types of cat fencing for UK gardens.

Cat owners have a limited range of ways to keep their pets safe. Never letting the cat outdoors isn’t many people’s first choice, so what other options are there for the safe containment of a family cat?

Cat fence toppers and cat fence rollers

Cat containment rollers and toppers are specifically designed to work with traditional solid garden fences. They are suitable for installation in smaller gardens, especially urban spaces with close-board fencing, where the roller can be added to the top of the fence to stop the cat climbing up and over the fence to exit the garden. To make best use of a cat fence topper or roller the garden fence has to be solid and in good repair. In rural situations where a hedge or post and rail fence is used to mark the boundary, a topper or roller cannot be installed. A cat fence roller can’t be used to protect an open area such as a driveway and may be difficult to install where the garden space is irregular in shape.

Hidden cat fence barriers

Hidden cat fences have several major advantages:

•  They can cover a much larger territory – up to 450 acres

•  Irregular shaped gardens are not a problem – hidden cat fences are easily able to cope with unusual garden layouts

•  Driveways can easily be protected with underground cable installation – this is vitally important as preventing cats from escaping when gates are opened is often key to keeping them safe

•  Undulating terrain is easily made secure.

Hidden cat fence benefits

Cats love to play and lounge around in the sunshine – their natural curiosity means that they are always keen to explore their environment but keeping them safe can be a worry. A hidden cat fence can give you absolute confidence in your cat’s welfare and the lightweight collars give every cat the chance to indulge their innate tendency to prowl and climb yet have a stretch section for complete safety when they are out and about in the garden.

Moving house with a cat fence

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a hidden cat fence for any cat lover is the fact that the control panel and cat collars can easily be taken to a new property, which only requires the installation of new boundary wire – removal of the installation from the house you’re leaving is simple and leaves not trace. This is a very different process to that involved in removing a traditional cat fence barrier which is neither swift nor simple.

Comparing cat fencing costs

Compare the cost of a hidden cat fence and a traditional cat fence topper is quite difficult as they are very different systems. Cat fence rollers have two major cost elements: purchase and installation but it’s important to remember that there are also two hidden costs: maintenance and property values. Cat fence toppers have to be regularly looked after to ensure they function properly but they can also lower the cost of your property if you choose to sell your home as potential owners may not appreciate the look of a cat fence roller.

On the other hand, hidden cat fences are cost-effective for larger areas and oddly-shaped gardens where installation of a traditional cat fence can be tricky. For an average urban garden, the hidden cat fence offers the perfect balance of affordability and security.

Protect your cat – and your peace of mind

If you’re ready to ensure your cat can enjoy your garden with complete security, please contact us on 01628 476475 to find out how we can help you guarantee your cat’s comfort without making your garden an ugly fortress.