Cat fence a safe and effective method to keep your cat away from the road

How it works

How does a cat fence work?

The CatFence system comprises of a hidden wire around the perimeter of the safe area for your cats. The boundary wire runs around the property and connects back to an internal control box.

The wire can be laid either above or below ground but it must form a continuous loop. The cat fence can be used for every type of garden, be it very large, small, wooded, sloping and it can even cross brooks and streams. Most terrains and properties can be protected using the system. The maximum acreage is 350 acres and there is no limit to the amount of cats that can use the “fence”.

The control box sends a coded FM signal via the boundary wire which is picked up by your cat’s computer collar.¬† When the cat approaches the boundary wire, the collar emits a beep, reminding the cat that they are coming close to the boundary.

If they continue to approach the boundary, the collar delivers a light and harmless impulse which prevents the cat from getting any closer to the boundary. With the aid of an indoor training unit the cat quickly learns how to avoid the “no go zone”.

In the first few week some temporary marking flags are placed outside to show the “no go zone”. Cats are highly intelligent¬† and they quickly learn to understand the “beep” and will turn back into the safe area. Most cats will not even receive the warning “beep”.