Keeping your cat safe at home without installing an ugly cat fence.

Keeping your cat safe at home without installing an ugly cat fence.

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Does a cat fence have to be ugly?

With roads getting busier and busier each year cat owners are increasingly aware of the benefits of using a cat fence to keep their treasured pet secure. The question is how to install a secure cat fence that does not look like some monstrous construction or a prison. Is there option for installing a more discreet and less imposing secure cat fence? The simple answer is “yes” there are products out there that are non-intrusive but secure.

The e-fence technology has been around for many years for dogs but in order to provide a user friendly method to produce a secure cat fencing system the technology and training had to be adapted. The “catfence” originated from the products produced to safely contain dogs but uses a smaller computer collar and an elasticated collar strap to enable better contact with the cat. Also the training was an issue, when training a dog to a dog fence the trainer uses a lead and set of distinct verbal training commands to assist the dog. Naturally with dogs they are generally used to walking on a lead and learning through verbal commands, whereas with cats it is highly unusual for a cat to train using this method. With a eletronic cat fence the training is very different. The training is carried out internally so that the cat can learn at their own speed and the owner or trainer can assess the cat’s progress in a secure environment. The training is simple and highly effective.

Once the owner is satisfied that cat understands the system, the owner will let the cat out into the garden where the secure cat fencing system has been installed. To assist the cat with learning the location of the catfence a series of temporary white flags is placed around the garden. The cat will have been introduced to the catfence flags indoors and so will instantly recognise the flags once they are allowed outside. In the early days the owner should monitor the cat outside but quickly the cat and owner will grow in confidence and after a very short time the cat can be allowed to have access to the garden at all times during the day.

Advantage of an electronic cat fence verses a traditional fence

The advantage of the catfence system does not just stop at aesthetics it offers a secure cat fencing alternative as the cat cannot climb up and over the invisible radio signal and so for individuals who are unable or do not wish to install an ugly enclosure this offers a highly effective alternative. Many cat owners are also fearful of the cost of installing secure cat fencing. Physical structures are expensive and time consuming to install and so it is little wonder they look elsewhere for other options.


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